The 3rd International Best Practice Competition will be held on the 25th of November 2014 at the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce. The International Best Practice Competition, is organised by COER and supported by a number of GBN members. More GBN members are encouraged to promote this award to facilitate the sharing of best practices globally. Some countries such as India, Iran and the Philippines have established National Competitions that feed into the International Competition.

The winner in 2013 was the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (Singapore) and 2012, Curtin University (Australia).

The Best Practice Competition encourages organizations to share their best operational and managerial practices, processes, systems, and initiatives and learn from the experience of others. It provides an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of individuals and teams that have been responsible for creating and/or managing the introduction and deployment of best practices.

The closing date for entries is the 18th of August 2014, for more information about the award visit the official competition website.

Encouragement for GBN members to promote the awards

To recognize GBN member help in obtaining applications for these two awards 20% of the Competition Application Fee will be paid to the GBN member that encouraged the applicant(s) to apply. Details of the GBN member will need to be recorded on the application form and/or given to COER.

3rd Best Practice Competition