The Global Benchmarking Network

The Global Benchmarking Network is an alliance of leading benchmarking organizations worldwide who share a common vision, mission, and values. The GBN was founded in 1994 by representatives from benchmarking organizations in Germany, Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. Currently, the network comprises more than 25 benchmarking organizations from five continents. The GBN vision is “to be recognized as the global hub for benchmarking”. The idea is that all members of the GBN continuously supply the network with their knowledge and gain the valuable opportunity of learning from each other. The GBN mission is to build a global network of organizations and experts focussed on promoting and facilitating the use of benchmarking by sharing of best practices and working together.

Our joint Vision & Mission

The issues the GBN focuses on are education, dissemination, promotion and mentoring in its role as a provider of global benchmarking resources; also committed leadership
to provide essential coordination and continuity is of importance. Assisting the government and not-for-profit sectors as much as the private sector, the GBN is a facilitator of benchmarking (create connections and collaboration) between countries as well as between professions and technologies for transfer of knowledge and innovations.

Our values on the way to organizational excellence

Benchmarking has the opportunity to provide a network of knowledge exchange and innovation between megatrends and across countries for the benefit of progressing lifestyles
as well as sustaining humankind and our environment. Extending benchmarking to greater involvement within and between the public sector and not-for-profit sectors, while continuing participation and involvement with the private sector. With this in mind, the GBN is keen to: