Publications by the GBN Secretariat

Global Benchmarking Network – Information Flyer GBN Secretariat  Download
Glossary and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Benchmarking GBN Secretariat  Download
Global Benchmarking Network – Memorandum of Understanding GBN Secretariat  Download
Global Benchmarking Network – Benchmarking Code of Conduct  GBN Secretariat  Download


Articles and Research Papers

Process Benchmarking at the German Fraunhofer Information Centre Benchmarking Holger Kohl Download
Energy Efficiency towards Green Productivity Lok Lee Lee Download
Enablers of Productivity Terry Pilcher Download
Current Position and Future Development of Benchmarking Robert C. Camp and Bjorn Andersen Download
Making Mauritius Muda-Free Nikhil Teebhoohun Download
The – A benchmarking and best practice web-based resource for improving organizational performance Steve Welch, Nigel Grigg and Robin Mann Download
Sustainability of benchmarking networks Dotun Adebanjo and Robin Mann Download


Selected form the 2nd International Benchmarking Conference (2007)

Best Practice Benchmarking for Global Competition and Cooperation by Robert C. Camp Download
Integrated Benchmarking for SMEs by Holger Kohl Download
Value Mapping – Linking AFIs to Strategy and Stakeholder Value by Terry Pilcher Download
20 Keys – The System for Enterprise Excellence Management by Yury Samoylov Download
Benchmarking Best Practices by Bruce Searles Download – A Benchmarking Tool for Best Practices by Steve Welch Download

Selected Presentations from AGM 2004

Profitable Customer Relationships Through Integrated Service Management by Prof. Dr. Thomas Friedli, TECTEM, Switzerland Download
Benchmarking in the Textile and Garment Industry by Nikhil Treebhoohun, NPCC, Mauritius Download
Overview of 2004/05 project: To review and enhance the Australian Business Excellence Framework (ABEF) by Dr. Robin Mann, COER, New Zealand Download
20 Keys Benchmark Level by Gheorghe Efros, Aria, Moldova Download
The Benchlearning Day by Chiara Narcisi, Business International, Italy Download