Global Benchmarking Network

GBN Strategic Plan (Public)

The GBN now has a 2014 to 2020 Strategic Plan!

The Plan can be viewed in the Members area of the GBN Website.

The Plan addresses strategic opportunities arising from the Benchmarking 2030 report and also from other environmental scanning, feedback over the past 2 years from GBN Members, feedback from over 100 Benchmarking Practitioners as well as Roundtables at our latest international conferences.
I would like to very much thank those Members and others who provided vital input to the Strategic Planning Process.



Next Steps

Next steps were discussed at the Singapore AGM in November 2013

1.    It was felt that the GBN Maturity Pyramid provides a good structure for implementation of the Plan. Dawn Ringrose and I will develop this further

2.    The AGM discussed actioning a few doable projects each year stemming from the Strategic Plan. It was felt that these projects should be externally focused to make a difference in the exposure of benchmarking globally

3.    It was recognised that previously approved projects will also make a difference as they are implemented further during 2014