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cover_gbn_review   This magazine aims to provide a snapshot of benchmarking activity from around the world and is the first ever truly global publication on this subject. As such, it is a significant milestone in benchmarking history.

This publication has been produced on behalf of the Global Benchmarking Network and is being distributed worldwide which makes this the most widely-read publication this dynamic business area has ever seen. In these pages you will find out about all the latest techniques and tools available, highlighting activity from around the world, written by all the leading practitioners and experts in the field.


Foreword and Table of Content Philip Cunliffe Download
The GBN - Past, Present and Future Robert Camp, Tom Brock and Peter Heisig Download
Best Practice Benchmarking: the Path to Excellence Robert Camp Download
Benchmarking Activities in the Czech Republic Petra Dostalova Download
Benchmarking Danish Manufacturers against Data from US Manufacturers T. Christiansen and P. Brunn Download
Information about Institut du Benchmarking Jacques Errard Download
Benchmarking Activities in Germany Peter Heisig and Holger Kohl Download
Ireland: Applying Benchmarking to small & medium-sized business Brian O'Grady Download
Mauritian Enterprises Strive Best Practice Ram Jutliah Download
Building a Benchmarking Culture: The IAQTMexico Experience Raul Macias Download
Competitiveness and Productivity in Moldova Sergiu Bolocan Download
An Introduction to NZ Benchmarking Robin Mann Download
The Slovak Benchmarking Information Centre Peter Ondrejka Download
Quality Assesment in Three Healthcare Areas Paloma Alonso and Inés Gomis Download
Benchmarking Activities in Switzerland Ulrike Huetter Download
A Hard Look at European SMEs Terry Pilcher Download
The Public Sector Benchmarking Service in the UK Ken Watling Download