Global Benchmarking Network


Benchmarking 2030 – The Future of Benchmarking


The GBN embarked on a project to look at the future for Benchmarking. Inputs were sought from past, existing and potential GBN members and organisations that practise benchmarking. The project took into account new technologies, social networking opportunities as well as issues such as global financial crises and global megatrends.

The project aimed at answering the following questions:

- What will Benchmarking look like in 2030 and in between?

- What are the tools, methodologies and technologies that Benchmarkers can use now to help organisations and economies to improve their outcomes?

Research methods used were a literature review, surveys, a Delphi study, and roundtable discussions.



Full Report “Benchmarking 2030”

Summary “Benchmarking 2030” – presented at the Roundtable Discussion 2011