Global Benchmarking Network

5th Global Benchmarking Award

Review of the 5th Global Benchmarking Award

The finalists of the GBN Global Benchmarking Award each gave an presentation on their individual benchmaking approach. They were then judged by the GBN’s jury on leadership commitment to benchmarking, pervasiveness of benchmarking, formality of benchmarking and results achieved.

With recent winners being Watson Real Estate Ltd., winner of the 1st Global Benchmarking Award in 2012, KHDA, winner of the 2nd award in 2013 and the OCBC Bank, winner of the 3rd award in 2014 and last years winner The Medical City, winner of the 4th award, this years finalists were the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies, Nanjing Metro and Al Jazeera International Catering LLC.

The Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS)

The mission of the NMIMS is to provide the nation good quality trained human resources who, are socially sensitive, have inquisitiveminds and the persistence to change their own and organization's lives and contribute to making India a knowledge super power and the world a better place to live.


Dr. Debashis Sanyal & Ms. Varuna saksena from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies

These high goals the NMIMS is seeking to achieve through

·         Educational Excellence

·         Innovative and Relevant Research

·         Promoting Social Equity and

·         Outreach program to ensure Global Access of their Learning Resources to all Students and Faculty


The NMIMS therefore established a philosophy being based on five pillars of excellence:


NMIMS Five Pillars of Excellence


The Nanjing Metro Operation Corp Ltd.

The Nanjing Metro specializes in operation management, train travel, supervision, construction and facilities, maintenance of vehicle and equipment. It is one of the subsidiaries of Nanjing Metro Group Company that serves Nanjing and Nanjing metropolitanarea. The Nanjing Metro  is the sixth subway that was successfully built and operated across the mainland of China.
In order to meet their Vision of becoming the most influential subway with a human touch, they aggregated.

Metro  is the sixth subway that was successfully built and operated across the mainland of China.

In order to meet their Vision of becoming the most influential subway with a human touch, they aggregated.


4 Steps

  •  Formulate strategies
  •  Establish objectives
  •  Set middle and short term plans
  •  Conduct benchmarking activities,


3 Directions


  •  Domestic-counterparts-advanced indicators and methods
  •  Domestic-counterparts-advanced concepts and tools
  •  Successful practices supplied by domestic cross-industries


and formulated

2 goals

·         Strive to achieve the goal of “reaching ten top-classes in the industry”
Reach the leading level in more than five indicators internationally within five years
The Nanjing Metro Team perceives benchmarking not only as a comparison of data or rankings, but rather as a set of structured KPI-indicator comparisons that can be used for

  •  Stimulating productive “why” questions, identifying areas for further analysis/studies
  •  Identifying high priority problems, strengths and weaknesses
  •  Identifying and monitoring trends and best practices behind them
  •  Internal motivation – setting challenging but achievable targets
  •  Understanding what “World Class” is and recognizing their own status in the global community


XU JIANGUO – Chief Engineer of the Nanjing Metro Operation Corp. Ltd. on their philosophy of benchmarking

They understand benchmarking as an upward spiral of progress, rather than an conclusive task,
and in order to ensure the outputs of their organization are perfect, asking steadily: “what are you going to do,
if your competitor can achieve these by using half of your time and cost?”.
They are convinced that believing a project cannot be improved any more will quickly get an organization intro trouble.


Al Jazeera International Catering LLC

The JIC (Jazeera International Catering) is a catering, housekeeping and laundry service company specialized on customer segments as oilfields,
remote sites, labour camps and institutions across the middle east which is therefore indentify best practices from various industries to ensure continuoual improvement and organizational excellence.

They presented benchmarking as their mantra for consistent innovation and started with a vision of JIC
being a market leader in the hospitality industry with a couched and written down philosophy of work-ethic.

They have nurtured best practices from various industries and individuals across the world, modified them to suit their business,
claiming that “from the boardroom to the basement, JIC’s Teams are all on board”, with excellence and innovation through benchmarking.

To grasp Benchmarking as an inseparable part of their culture, their benchmarking varies from performance benchmarking to best practices – to informal benchmarking.

Updated industry trends, a strong connection with the sector, leading conversations through management and specialized forums and
“Coffee with the MD” translates into their leadership sharing excellence projects that create surprising innovation.

With the staff provided access to benchmarking portals as and trainings in the TRADE benchmarking methodology, the JIC LLC

encourages their teams to sharpen their existing skill set and add new ones through site visits.


Indentifying formal benchmarking projects through the TRADE methodology across the organization;
starting from employee empowerment, corporate social responsibility to food safety processes. 


Naming SPEAR as one of their invaluable formal benchmarking projects, aiming to improve employee empowerment, organizational excellence.

They determined improvement in employee focus, eradicating delayed decision making and increased levels of staff empowerment,
leaving their clients delighted. With an overall sharp rise in the performance and career development of their employees.

Key results showed how much  benchmarking increased innovation within the company. 
Furthermore these results were used to encourage further benchmarking and innovation.
Knowledge sharing internally and with stakeholders via meeting forums, newsletters and stakeholder portals
have been key to gaining support and involvement in these change initiatives.


Award Presentation and Winner

The presentations were judged by the GBN’s jury- on Leadership Commitment to Benchmarking, Pervasiveness of Benchmarking, Formality of Benchmarking and Results achieved.

Al Jazeera International Catering LLC –Winner of the 5th GBN Benchmarking Award

After each of the finalists gave their presentation, the jury selected and announced the winners of the 5th Global Benchmaking Awards 2016.

With the runner ups being the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management (NMIMS) (India) and the Nanjing Metro (China), the winner of 2016 Award was the Al Jazeera International Catering LLC.

We congratulate the winner and wish all the best to the runner ups.