Global Benchmarking Network

5th Global Benchmarking Award

The GBN has recently created a new website to solely promote the Global Benchmarking Award,  

The Global Benchmarking Network (GBN) launched the Global Benchmarking Award in 2012 with the winner being Watson Real Estate (New Zealand). In 2013 the winner was the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (United Arab Emirates) and in 2014 was the award winner OCBC Bank (Singapore). Videos of these award winning organisations are shown on the award website.

The Global Benchmarking Award encourages organisations to share how benchmarking (comparing and learning from others) is an integral part of their improvement and innovation drive.

Entering the award is easy. It requires a short written application of the organisation’s benchmarking approach and systems followed by an 8 minute presentation at the GBN’s  International Benchmarking Conference. 

Global Benchmarking Award

The GBN’s Global Benchmarking Award was designed by Benchmarking Partnerships (Australia), BestPrax Club (India) and COER (New Zealand) on behalf of the GBN.

It was first trialed in India in 2010.